Teamspeak – Server Starter

17.50  / month


Teamspeak Server designed for 256 slots
Remember you need send to us file licensekey.dat to install it for this server, if you do not have it, we can continue installation, but you will possess 32 slots
Technical Specification:
 Anti-DDoS Filtration L3, L4-L7 HW Firewall: Arbor
 Location: Germany
 Linux Debian 11
 3 x logical CPU 4.0 Ghz [2 x AMD EPYC™ 7513 Gen3]
 3 GB RAM DDR4 [3600 Mhz]
 15 GB Samsung PM9A3 NVMe RAID 10
 NIC Port: 250 Mbps
 Unlimited Bandwidth
 Dual Stack IPv4+IPv6 x 1
 Restriction Access for selected IPs
 Backup Storage – £5
 IT Expert Support 24/7
 Support Language with Engineer: English, Polish