Our History

Our history start in 2011 in December 7, everything start from something, some companies starts in garage, we started from the small vps with small teamspeak community. Now become a Data Center with high reliable equipment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, create great environment for customers and gamers to feel they will be not disappointed, when customer will need us in most needed moment in his life, we will be always there.

Our vision

Our Vision to make it everything possible! make as we had dream in the past, wanted to create now for someone in young age will have a new passion, dream and finally dream can come true, right?

Data Center BAHU LTD

Everything is an energy, everything starts from here

We are a team of young, experienced developers who wanted to makes a dream come true for everyone who seek a dream data center to host game, applications, looking for IT solutions etc.

Great Protection and light speed network

Experienced IT Administrator, IT network designer engineers.

Over 500 Happy Clients

Join to Happy Family of BAHU Network

3000 +

Clients, Gamers, Developers

40 +

Successfully stories realization with our hosting

marketing agency

Data Center That Helps You Succeed.

We perform full analysis of the client’s requirements and collect information about the competitors to formulate a proper service for the customer.


Company number 09980544

GOV UK Company House:


IT Experience
Web Designer 100%
Game Host Experience
Web Designer 100%
Web Designer 100%

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