Are You Game Developer?


Hello there, dear game developer!

Welcome to our data centre, we would like to officially invite you to us to make a conversation about, what game you provide? what requirements you have? and probably you will have couple of questions to us, that’s great!

Our data centre has its own infrastructure and subnets IPs ex: to keep everything safe, because we also use our service for ourselves, we will not let you down, especially if you need us in a most moment in your life.

How do we work?

Our router BGP Juniper MX480 is connected to the hardware firewall NetScout Arbor, so that Juniper and Arbor firewall have to verify the connection before it will reach the destination, in this case your dedicated server(s). However, we will never tell you to force you to add some kind of firewall rule to your software firewall example: Debian Linux or Ubuntu based on iptables, same thing touches OS: Windows as Windows Defender, because this kind of software will never stop huge attack DDoS, you have our dedicated support to take care of it, even if you can face with situation, someone used new pattern that can bypass our network on level Layer 3, 4-7 to kill your server, literally business right? There is no problem to patch it, we monitor every service of clients with creating auto PCAPs 24/7 even if we are sleep, so after back to work, we are able to check it, after report from customer with date and time to escalate it, we are able to fix it on our side to make corrections in filters for hardware firewall. We are not the kind of company where you get “super fancy staff response, hey we are unable to fix the problem because we see your service is online and working fine. “That is the kind of answer where the company has an apology to tell the customer, but we don’t see that kind of problem right now when we read your ticket.” Of course. You can’t do anything after that if someone has attacked your service, and their haven’t made any PCAP to check what’s going on then, when the client reports the problem? Of course this situation can drive you crazy and desperate. Can it? We really have a lot of sympathy for this kind of treatment.

We are currently partnership with Game Developer Studio: Keen Software House, which released the game: Space Engineers

Discord server invitation:

Are you Game Developer?