DayZ – Server Diamond

60.00  / month


You will receive the root full access to control the server game.
Server is supported via LinuxGSM script.
INFO: If you need our assistance, please contact us via Discord: or contact us by E-mail: [email protected]
Technical Specification:
 Anti-DDoS Filtration L3, L4-L7 HW Firewall: Arbor
 Location: Germany
 Full root access Linux Debian 11 / or full RDP access to Windows Server 2019 Standard
 16 x logical CPU 4.0 Ghz [2 x AMD EPYC™ 7513 Gen3]
 16 GB RAM DDR4 [3600 Mhz]
 100 GB Samsung PM9A3 NVMe RAID 10
 NIC Port: 1 Gbps
 Unlimited Bandwidth
 Dual Stack IPv4+IPv6 x 1
 Free VPN for security measure
 Restriction Access for selected IPs
 Backup Storage – £5
 Support Language with Engineer: English, Polish